What to Expect

The agronomy team at Obion Farmers Coop is dedicated to our grower’s success.  We work with each individual grower and make sure the products they are using are going to benefit them the most.  The experienced team at Obion Farmers Coop is here to help make informed decisions throughout the entire season


Obion Farmers Coop offers a full line of seeds from some of the largest seed companies.  The sales staff will work with growers individual needs to ensure the correct seed gets placed on the correct acre to maximize potential.

Crop Nutrients

Obion Farmers Co-op has all of the equipment needed to supply your crop with all of the necessary nutrients throughout the entire growing season.  We have fertilizer blenders at our Union City and Kenton locations where we offer bulk dry fertilizer as well as liquid nitrogen, anhydrous, micro nutrients, and foliar applied fertilizer.  We offer soil sampling and using georeferenced data we can create variable rate prescription maps to apply the correct amounts of fertilizer only where it is needed in the field.

Crop Protection

Obion Farmers Co-op offers a complete line of crop protection chemistries from all major chemical manufacture.  Our experienced sales staff will help to ensure the right combination of crop protection products and adjuvants per tank mix to accomplish the task at hand.  Whether it be a seed treatment, herbicide, insecticide, fungicide, or adjuvant Obion Farmers Co-op is your one stop shop.

Ag Technology

Obion Farmers Co-op uses the latest in agriculture technology to provide a way for growers to manage crop inputs and maximize yields.  Obion Farmers Co-op utilizes software programs that can help growers make informed decisions before the crop is planted using soil sample data, while the crop is growing from tissue samples and in season imagery, or after the crop is harvested using yield maps.  Our trained staff is here to help you get the most out of every acre.


At Obion Farmers Co-op we offer a variety of finance programs such as Cooperate Financial Services, John Deer Financial, Rabo, and True Choice.  Contact us for more information regarding these programs.